The Pilgrim’s Progress: The working and the role of Nature

(This was written by AINOKI Oshochi on February 26, about two weeks before the massive earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and tsunami hit the vast area of Japan on Friday afternoon 2:45 pm March 11, 2011)

[These days, we the humans are being exposed to the violence of Nature and facing painful trails. However hard it is to go through these trails, we should do it. ]

Being in evolutionary process as human beings, we are thrust into the hard trials from Nature!

Nature puts its finger acutely on our various kinds of egoism, on our mistakes of destructing nature, I think.

The power of nature totally overwhelms human knowledge.

Up to now, we have taken it for granted that we depend upon nature without reserve and we have looked down on nature, haven’t we?

The cries of the people hit by disasters are heart-rending. They are victims!

They often remind me of Noah’s ark, or ruined ancient towns Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament.

I also think of the city of Pompeii buried by the eruption of the monte Vesuvio.

We humanity should sincerely learn from ancient history. Humbly!

Disasters hit the humans so suddenly, so unexpectedly! They are natural calamities, disasters caused by man and so on!

It is too hard to look squarely at reality of those who were stricken by disasters and fallen into great grief!

At the same time, however, another season comes round as if nothing had happened.

Even to the one residing in a temporary place (the body).

The spring is coming gradually repeating two or three cold days then three or four warm days.

We see the tragic fights between humans including among Arab countries. Tyranny. Struggles for power. Scrambles for resources.

As if laughing at these tragic fights among humans!

Small buds of magnolia are growing in expectation of coming of the spring.

I take a walk on my usual path, looking at the familiar magnolia that tells me, “the spring is coming!” every year!

The nature is filled with enormous energy. It also has various aspects.

“Kindness and furiously destructive power!”

The spring is the beginning of the four seasons. This year for the first time in the many years of my life, I experience a sort of ‘emotional disorder peculiar to this season’.

I am such an ordinary man, sometimes feel good and sometimes feel unwell.

Both my body and mind are affected by the extremes of temperature, such as yesterday very warm and today very cold.

The spring is coming and I don’t know why but maybe as aging, a sort of loneliness deep in my heart that cannot be expressed sometimes ‘flashes across my mind’.

My old days are coming back in my mind vividly as if looking at a revolving lantern.

Those good old days!

I may be on natural course.

On one hand I feel the various trials and hardships that the whole globe now faces very close to me;

on another hand I have a sentimental feeling to the freshness of the spring with the new buds of new lives!

I am filled with joy to live peacefully, with light and with hope, as fresh lives fill up all around us!

I enjoyed ‘a lovely spring day’ to my heart’s content after a long time!

Sitting on a lawn and looking around, I feel the warmth of Mother Earth and the beating of Mother Earth.

But on the very same earth, many fellow people are writhing in agony!

I feel very perplexed.

The children are active now. The shouts of joy of the children running and playing around the bank of park sound like songs of praising peaceful spring. It is the very paean to welcome spring.

“I am alive!”

This actual feeling is coming up from the bottom of my body.

Even in the long hard days struggling against many kinds of diseases, if I find purpose to live for; spring will surely come to these hard days.

In the end、I would like to write down the Word of the Bible. It seems romantic poets were there in those days of the Old Testaments!

“For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our lands;

The fig tree put forth her green figs, and vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my, love, my fair one, and come away.”

‘The Songs of Solomon; chapter 2 verse 11-13: The Old Testaments

I continue praying, seeking eagerly for coming of the peaceful days just like this hymn of praise the poet sang!

This is the very purpose that I live for!

AINOKI Oshochi! February 26, 2011

(We sincerely send our deep condolences to all the victimized people.

At the same time, we have confidence in our recovery. )