Humanity: Our Joueney toward Peace

 This small globe is now in a state of disorder.


We witness troubles in various places.


Japan also is not exception.

Recently Russian President Medvedev flew to our northern territories to observe one of the islands in a light plane with his shoulders squared.


Somehow it seemed to me that it was childish of him as if to compare heights with Prime Minister Putin!


And at the same time, the situation in China seems to be going bad.

A controversy has broken out over the way of Japanese government's dealing with the collision case of the Chinese fishing boat around Senkaku Islands.


In the past no state of one-party dictatorship prospered.


The whole world has come to know that the Japanese government has no confidence in settling conflicts. This has already made this country be ignored by other countries.

It is us that chose those politicians. We ourselves have heavy responsibilities for that!


We are faced with the very harsh reality that will affect significantly the children for the future.

We, adult, should act wisely.


As Japan once experienced in the past, any despotic state with ulterior motive will have bitter experiences someday.


The Japan military maneuvered Emperor into having supreme command, intimidated the government into obeying, and entered the war recklessly. What did we get in return?

Good Japanese citizens had to pay for it.


It is said that more than one million and five hundred thousand remains of the war dead still have not been able to come back home.  My father is one of them!


I hear the groans of the souls of the dead in that reckless war.


Saying; “Peace! Peace without any war! Happiness for the daily lives of us common people! Please do not waste our sacrifice we made. We died believing in coming of peace!”



The Chinese Chairman Mr. Hu Jintao and the Prime Minister Mr. Wen Jiabao, 

Please make your military realize the importance of your way to the world peace and show it to the world as a model state! If you begin the step now, you will be able to achieve it!


Then, Mr. Kim Jong-il, Supreme Leader of North Korea your neighbouring country, will change his mind! Then, his successor one of his sons will not stray from the right path.

And there will be no more great suffering of starving to death of the poor.


Mr. Obama, the Prime Minister of the USA,

I wish you will think over the meaning of the Novel Peace Prize you were awarded.


You declared openly to stop nuclear tests!


Then, we sincerely ask you to come and visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki by all means.

If your resolution is true and sincere, would you please achieve your own mission as the president of a big nuclear power?


It is surely worth your while dedicating your whole political life for the happiness of children for the future. Then you will be rewarded abundantly by grace of God!

It is far beyond being comparable to a Novel prize!


Well, today I am leaving you here.


From God's servant    AINOKI Oshochi✝                   

                                                    2010, November 3