May 25th, 2008

Dear  All the people in Culion,
            Philippine Councillors under Palawan Federation,
            and all our brothers and sisters in the Lord,

   Our dearest co-worker Mr. Francisco S. Espina (Philippine Councillor under Palawan Federation, Councillor of the City of Culion, and Chairperson of Culion Agape Society) was hospitalized urgently on May 22 in Manila, because on that morning he had terribly keen pain on his heart.
On May 30 (Friday) he will have to undergo CABG (Coronary Arterial Bypass Grafting).

   We received this news on May 23 from Bishop Pascua, and at once we began to pray for his life and have started a campaign to collect contributions for his medical expenses which will cost enormous amount of money.
We are trying to send contribution money to Mr. Espina's bank account as soon as possible.

   As you have already known very well, he has been dedicating his life with all his might to the people in Culion and the people in whole Palawan.

We have trust in him that he will be one of the most important person who works for the Philippines.

   We are so very much pleased and relieved to know that in Culion, in Palawan, the fund raising collection for his medical treatment has already started.

   Though physically we live far apart, spiritually we are with you all the time.

We pray God from the bottom of our hearts for his early recovery, for God’s support on his important work as a true politician and for good health.

Yours truly       Rev. AIKAWA Hideo

P.S.  The fundraising collection point is :    through Japan Post Bank   00130-9-108319 AINOKI GROUP AINOKAI  

Rice distribution.JPG 

Rice-distribution for the Typhoon victims in Culion, using Relief Funds from Ainoki
(The center of the photo, Mr. Espina: on Christmas day in 2006)