The Pilgrim's Progress ・ Christmas and God's Calling

Pondering over at the time of Advent and Christmas


Advent : The Holy Weeks beginning from the forth Sunday before Christmas when we spend in prayer of gratitude for the coming of Christmas✝」


God who controls all things!

Omniscient and Omnipotent!


Jesus Christ the Son of God entrusted the whole of himself to God the Father.

I ponder over His Birth, His Mission and the whole of His Life deeply.


Thinking of us mankind, surrounded with various kinds of worldly things, we spend the days by licking the wounds of our own soiled hearts and particles of conscience.


The Birth of the Son of God is a great hope that converts such hearts, purifies such stains, and leads us to step out towards the new hope.


These weeks towards the coming of Christmas day, His birthday, is the season of grace when we regain hearts of love.


We mankind, either individuals or states, desire priority in everything over others inwardly. This is the very factor of unhappiness.

We have lost generous mind, the big hearts of sharing things with others, while we have the mind that wishes for own happiness only.

The very cause of sins and strife.


Being bound by unjust gloomy selfishness, we block off even the light of our own happiness. Outrageous darkness covers the whole world completely.


Seeing the religious world, they are continually in conflict and shed blood. Sadly enough, they have neither means nor wisdom to set an example for the people. What they conduct is just formal and self-righteous.



We do not see any light.

We do not see any hope.


The Son of God made himself nothing, entrusted himself to the Measures His Father God took and sacrificed His Life. The Crucifixion at Golgotha.

He set an example for mankind. He showed us that, unless we make others be happy, unless we live with love, neither true peace nor happiness would come to mankind!


More than two thousand years have passed since the Son of God was born, and yet to our great sadness, it does not seem that mankind has evolved towards love.


On the contrary!

Abuses of power like military force, violence and oppression of human rights by a handful of men who desire to sustain their power have been escalating.


We see the limitation of the present political, ruling, authoritative, economic systems which are on the side of men of power for the present.


When selfish people abuse the power of priority over others, so many people would certainly be sacrificed for that.


Someday we shall be given Judgment by God. These chaos and division do not accord with the Law of God.


People who disturb God’s Law will certainly be judged harshly by God.


We mankind can never become higher than The Highest.


We will never follow evil.

We believe that the day will come when all the people can live at ease ordinarily and happily in the peaceful and fair society.


I put down here what I feel in these days of Advent.


                                                        AINOKI Oshochi 

                            2010, December