Celebration message to the Culion Evangelical Church

To Culion Evangelical Church

We sincerely would like to send our heartfelt congratulations on your centennial anniversary with great respect for your long history.

We got to know the people in Culion through a letter from an unknown lady in Culion in 1990. Since 1991, when we met Bishop Eliezer Pascua for the first time in Manila, we had visited Culion every year for nearly fifteen years. In 1992, we started Agape Educational Program and got to know Mr. Francisco Espina who had already been working for the people with selfless love. We invited Bishop Pascua and Mr. Espina to our place to see us all and Oshochi, the nickname of our leader Rev. Hideo Paul Aikawa, and we together talked and thought about the desirable future of the children and Culion. Rev. Rufino Julian and Mr. Ortego also came to us once. Through these occasions mutual understanding and friendship have been deepened year by year.

In Oshochi’s mind all the children and students of Agape Educational Program are just like his own children and prayed for their happy future all the time and so are we.

“I became a father
of the children in need
of faraway place
Now 18 years have passed
since that autumn”

“To my dear children,
as your father
I have things to tell you
deep in my mind
and yet I can’t express them by words”

These are his poems he wrote thinking of Culion children.

He used to say, “God dwells in Culion and this island will surely become the center of our globe just like the navel of our body!”

Now his body is not on the earth but his spirit be always with you, love you and protect you.

We are sure he celebrates your centennial anniversary with a big smile! May the Lord bless you in Culion generously at the year of marking the centenary.

With prayers Hallelujah! Amen

From the brothers and sisters of AINOKI Group AinokaiAgape Society to assist Philippine Culion Island

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