Dear Eli-san,

It was good talking with you and listen to your voice last week after some time.

Here is a very important message from above through Oshochi especially for you!

God selects somebody who accepts His messages straight and kindles people's hearts and souls with those messages.
You are one of those who have been selected by God and have been given this very unusually important mission as your very role.

So, it is really indespensable for you to vacate you completely and surrender whole yourself to Christ. Then you will surely be given unbelievably great power and energy from above to accomplish your role and you will be able to kindle the people's minds and hearts around you one by one.

This is what I was revealed from above. I kindle your heart and mind in accordance with His message.

Please look back your days with such hardships and trials you have got through,
and please ponder over them deeply.

You will surely be empowered. Oshochi

Dear Oshochi, Kazuko-san and my ainoki family,

I felt greatly blessed with your words from the moment Kazuko-san and I were talking over the phone. The prayerful thoughts you told about me and my not easy plight in life and in the ministry is really consoling and empowering.

You are right! As I look back as often as I can, the grace of God has been using me and the circumstances in which I engage myself. The latest one of those is this appointment at PAEC. Yet, I could see that I/we have a very long and inconvenient way to go. As I made a personal resolve at earlier part of my US sojourn - I am prepared to take hard way, but God don't leave me alone. What is more important is what you were telling - God's constant blessing with his presence and empowerment. There's a lot more than I can count whereby God acts, provides, dares, surprises, discovers, makes way, and even taps people, pacify angry hearts, gladden gloomy countenance through me, etc. God be praised.

And I consider you and the whole Ainoki family as my refuge, succor and instrument of heaven in sending words from on high. As I said, I could have not lasted staying in the US in such kind of situation without your important backing up. How I pray that I can also open up or prime up God's blessing for each of you, especially for you, Oshochi, knowing of your physical condition.

My family, Precy and our three children, are aware of the blessings that come to me and them through your generosity.

To many of my close friends whom I have the confidence of sharing about our partnership and your supporting me they are all admiring you and are appreciative of the way you showed sincerity of heart in Christ.

I am doing just fine. Lately, I was having a persistent high blood pressure because of high triglizeride and bad cholesterol due to many factors, diet may be one- we are eating Filipino food here everyday and especially on Sunday, it's fiesta!, and stress, but I am able to manage them. I have been consulting with the public clinic in Chicago, and having an annual health insurance, so I am just paying very minimal amount for my medicine. It seems that I am more able to have my maintenance medicine here than when I was in the Philippines. Precy and our children have been so worried when they learned that I have been going to the clinic but they were pacified when I explained that I have to work for getting it to my advantage.

I'll share more about my ministry here later. God bless.

Sincerely yours,


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