In July 2008, I was notified that my remaining days will be about one year because of right pyelo-cancer and malignant lymphoma.

At present, I am being under various tests for the suitable treatments.

Meanwhile, under our doctor’s guidance, I am doing some natural treatments, including macrobiotics, to increase my own immune power.


Generally, people seem to think that cancer is fearful.

However, for whatever reason, I myself do not feel so at all.

I do not think of cancer as my enemy, though it might send people to their death.

As it is being in my own body, I would rather get along very well with it.

I will leave my body, as it is, to medicine, for the young doctors in embryo who will lead the medical world from now on.

( I have already enrolled my body to the hospital where my liver disease has been treated for many years)

Now I sincerely wish to dedicate myself as an patient to the better medicine by seeking the harmony between Western medicine and the Asian medicine --- radiation treatment and using anticancer drug, and natural treatments with macrobiotics to increase one’s own immune power.---.

I sincerely wish that when you have hard days with aging, illness and whatever, you will be given power not to give up but to stand up and follow Oshochi’ s path with courage.

Having this in mind as my mission, I will live well.


I have written a hundred short poems about my illness, my days, my player, and so on.

We are going to publish a book named ‘A hundred short poems by Oshochi’., in not so long time.

‘Being told as having cancers

I see my thin body

In a mirror

Late at night’

Aug. 17

With player