100 years Centennial Celebration

Greetings in the Most Holy Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! May His blessings of steadfast love be upon us all.

Our centennial celebration for the 100 years of Church Mission has started on May 02,2017, Highlighting the Annual Conference Session with the presence of our General Secretary and Party to grace the occasion, Pastors and Delegates of the Palawan Associates Conference, local Churches and Outreaches are in attendance. Evangelization and church building were urgent agendum and prayed for so deeply. Special projects like Agape Educational Program were considered.

Summarily, it was an activity of church committment, memoralized with joy and blessings. The conference Minister announces the 15years commitment of Anoki- Ainoki Group through the Agape Society to help Culion Island Philippines, the hapless children of Culion believing that Education is the only shield to Poverty. Again in these Centennial gathering we recieve another cash and in kind the amount of Twenty Three Thousand peso (P23,000) to defray food and other expenditures including food and snacks as provision to delegates going home to the mainland Palawan.

Delegates and the Congregation stood-up, clapping hands and praising the Lord, sending the messages of thanks and prayers to sister Kazuko and the Group.

Once Again, We, thank you for all the blessing Extended to Us.

very respectfully,
Francisco Espina

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