DSC02535.JPG早春の日差しの中で 2009年1月25日 


Is it for the founder of the religion just to collect many people around him, to perform rituals in a haughty manner and to pray, in a gorgeous gown?

Is it to increase the number of the believers and to participate in politics?
Is it to build magnificent cathedrals and to collect believers?

Is it to ignore the poor people?

Is it for the founder to make up his own dogma, to perform kinds of miracles, and to lead people astray?

Is it to disregard the people who are of no use for the founder?

Is it to be lining the founder’s own pocket and to become obesity like a storehouse of fat?

Is it, with hatred instead of with charity and love, to destroy cities and houses thoroughly, to deprive ordinary people of their common daily lives and to kill little children and the aged of wisdom?

Oh! Our Lord! Something is wrong! Everything is unjust!

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